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Back to the Future Part II’s Pepsi Perfect is now a reality as a 30th anniversary special edition

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Fans and brands alike are excited about the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, the film that started the classic time-traveling trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Pepsi confirmed Monday that it had created Pepsi Perfect, the beverage Marty (Fox) ordered when he journeyed to Oct. 21, 2015 in Back to the Future Part II.

The special edition soda will be available for online purchase on the very BTTF-significant date of Oct. 21. Only 6,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles — which will come in a collectible case — will be sold to fans in the United States. Each 16.9-ounce bottle will be filled with Pepsi and be priced at $20.15.

Not all Back to the Future lovers will have to wait till Oct. 21 to get their hands on Pepsi Perfect, though. The special edition beverage will be a gift for certain lucky (and dedicated) Comic Con fans starting on Oct. 8. The venue, New York City’s Javits Center, will have a Pepsi Perfect world, including a Café 80’s inspired booth featuring a DeLorean and Wild Gunman arcade game. The first 200 fans who show up at the Pepsi Perfect Booth (#CP101) dressed in full Marty McFly regalia will be rewarded with the special edition Pepsi.

Not just any McFly imitation outfit will do; fans must be wearing a puffy red vest or Back to the Future Part II jacket, blue jeans, white high-top sneakers, and a watch. If you have a hoverboard, that’s awesome but not required. The film’s special Nike MAG shoes aren’t a must either, but they’d add some serious authenticity. For those who’d rather show off their Wild Gunman skills, fans can play at the booth at 3 p.m. every day for a chance to win Pepsi Perfect.

“Pepsi fans asked and we heard them loud and clear,” said Lou Arbetter, Senior Director of Marketing of PepsiCo in a press release. “The Back to the Future trilogy was as big a moment in pop culture history then as it is now, 30 years later.”

Pepsi hyped its new special edition bottle on Twitter on Monday, saying, “The future is now.”

Watch Pepsi Perfect make its debut in Back to the Future Part II below.

Back To The Future pepsi

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