Watch the best Super Bowl commercials of 2018

It’s Super Bowl season again, and you know what that means: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots are back to destroy the hopes and dreams of another U.S. city (this year, it’s Philadelphia; sorry, Eagles fans, we’ve all seen this movie before).

Still, assuming all the footballs are properly inflated, Super Bowl LII — that’s 52, for you non-Romans — retains the possibility of being an entertaining contest between the veteran champs and the plucky upstarts, with the suddenly resurgent Nick Foles taking on the football Terminator that is Brady.

If you’re not a big football fan (or if you’re a Pennsylvanian and it’s the 4th quarter), don’t sweat it! There’s plenty of other good stuff to occupy your attention, starting with everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl: Commercials. These days, companies start early so you can enjoy their multimillion-dollar productions before, during, and after the game. From hilarious snack spots to inspirational Olympians, we’ve collected the best Super Bowl commercials and laid them out right here for your enjoyment. Keep it locked right here, as we’ll continue adding new ads throughout the week.

Beer commercials

Budweiser — ‘Beer Country’

AMERICA! That seems to be the message here, as a man intones vague, nationalistic platitudes about handshake agreements and tradition. Meanwhile, Budweiser’s trademark Clydesdale horses trot past famous landmarks like the snow-laden Gateway Arch and New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

Budweiser — ‘Stand By You’

Here’s an inspiring spot featuring a Budweiser packaging plant that’s canning both beer and water (according to the description, it’s for disaster relief efforts across the country), accompanied by a woman singing Ben E. King’s Stand By Me. Here’s hoping some of that water reaches Flint, MI.

Bud Light — ‘Ye Olde Pep Talk’

Each year, Anheuser-Busch smartly splits its Super Bowl ads into two divisions: Serious, patriotic themes for Budweiser, and goofy, football-focused themes for Bud Light (like this classic). Here, the ‘Dilly Dilly’ tradition lives on as the ad campaign’s feudal king struggles to prepare his army for battle.

Michelob Ultra — ‘The Perfect Fit’

In this one, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Chris Pratt trains vigorously for his role in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial, seemingly unaware that he is, in fact, in the commercial itself. You look great, Chris.

Stella Artois — ‘Taps’

Stella Artois and Matt Damon are here to remind you much of the world is without clean drinking water. Buy a chalice from Stella, and you can help to make a difference for millions. Great cause Matt, even if you aren’t looking quite as good as Chris.

Food commercials

Doritos x Mountain Dew — ‘Doritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew Ice’

Hot or cold? That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. First, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) walks through flames while rapping Busta Rhymes’ rapid-fire verse from Look At Me Now, then Morgan Freeman struts through a frozen room while lip-syncing Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On. Yup, this is real. Get Doritos on demand.

Pringles — ‘Wow’

This nonsensical sequence finds Bill Hader walking off the set of a commercial-within-a-commercial only to learn that you can combine Pringles flavors by stacking different chips. Wow! Get Pringles on demand.

M&Ms — ‘Human’

Be careful what you wish for! The red M&M badly wants to be a human — mostly so he doesn’t get eaten — but when his wish becomes a reality, he looks exactly like Danny DeVito. Funny how that works.

Jack in the Box — ‘#JACKvsMARTHA’

Jack in the Box’s globe-headed mascot bites off more than he can chew when he declares war against Martha Stewart over an Asian Chicken Sandwich controversy. As Zion I famously said, “Don’t lose your nose.” (We’re paraphrasing)

Avocados From Mexico — ‘Big Game Spot’

Those who saw the excellent Avocados from Mexico ads last year won’t be surprised to see the campaign back for more. This time the avocado people hired Chris Elliott, Big Time Hollywood Actor, to tell you to buy more avocados from Mexico. We’re sold.

Diet Coke — ‘You Do You’

because “you do you” is our mantra. #becauseIcan

— Diet Coke (@DietCoke) January 29, 2018

Diet Coke — vis a vis Gillian Jacobs (Community) because you can’t have a Super Bowl commercial without a famous person — is here to tell you that you’re perfect just the way you are, no matter what you do. As long as you’re drinking Diet Coke.

Skittles – ‘Exclusive the Rainbow’

Skittles is running an interesting ad campaign around the premise of creating a legendary commercial and then only showing it to one (definitely fictional) teenager, Marcos Menendez. David Schwimmer (Friends) stars in a series of self-aware, non-sequitur spots centered around the candy’s ‘Taste the Rainbow’ slogan.

Definitely best picture of me ever taken in this new @skittles commercial #mostexclusivead

— Marcos Menendez (@magikmarcos) January 17, 2018

Which David Schwimmer ad is the real Super Bowl ad that you’re never going to see because we’re only showing it to @Magikmarcos? #SBLII

— Skittles (@Skittles) January 24, 2018

Other commercials

PETA — ‘Redemption’

While the jury is still out on whether PETA is actually a virtuous or effective organization, there’s no doubt this is a clever, well-produced promo featuring James Cromwell as a priest forced to hear some nasty confessions from a meat industry marketer.

Groupon — ‘Who Wouldn’t’

Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish appears here to lambast those who oppose the success of small businesses. Meanwhile, one of those nasty rich moguls gets hit with a well-aimed placekick by some football players. Straightforward stuff.

Amazon — ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’

What would happen if Amazon’s famous digital assistant, Alexa, lost her voice? Well, if this ad is any indication, Amazon has a bevy of backup celebrities lined up to take her place. Jeff Bezos, Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, and Sir Anthony Hopkins are among them.

Tide — ‘Bradshaw vs. Harbour’

This season, Tide produced a series of four commercials, wherein legendary Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw vies for a role as Tide spokesman against Stranger Things star David Harbour. See them all in order below.

Universal Studios — ‘Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback’

Old habits die hard, as Peyton Manning shows us in this spot for Universal Studios’ Orlando Resort. Peyton’s his usual charismatic self here, leading a family through its theme park experience as only a Super Bowl-winning quarterback can.

Lexus — ‘Long Live The King’

Despite surprisingly few car commercials so far this year, Lexus went all-out for this commercial, which intersperses footage from the upcoming Black Panther movie with standard b-roll of the Lexus LS 500 Sport. The film’s star and Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, provides support.

Febreze — ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’

Is it better to be a lawyer or to have odor-free excrement? According to the parents of Dave — the ‘only man whose bleep don’t stink’ — it’s the latter. Anyway, since Dave won’t be at your Super Bowl party, buy some Febreze!

Amazon Studios — ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’

This is an actual commercial for a TV show. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski (Jim from The Office), looks to be a taut, action-packed reimagining of the franchise, based on the popular book series. Also, Ed Sheeran is here singing All Along The Watchtower. 

Squarespace — ‘Make it Happen’

Squarespace recruited Keanu Reeves for two unique ads promoting “the power to do anything you can imagine.” Just watch the ads. Keanu’s awesome.

NBC Winter Olympics — ‘Best of U.S.’

To drum up attention for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea (set to begin February 9), NBC is highlighting some of America’s best competing athletes in a series of short videos. Ski racers Lindsay Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin are represented.

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