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Cameron ($257m) and Depp ($100m) top list of Hollywood earners in 2010

james-cameron-king-of-the-worldVanity Fair has released its Hollywood Top 40 Earners List. Leading the charge for 2010 was James Cameron made $157 million more than anyone in Hollywood due to the immense success of Avatar, which he wrote, directed, and produced. The film took in $2.8 billion at the box office alone, making it the most successful movie of all time in terms of sheer dollars. Johnny Depp was the highest paid actor, netting $40 million for Alice in Wonderland, $35 million in upfront cash for the next Pirates of the Caribbean, and $20 million for The Tourist. Leo DiCaprio ($62 million) and Christopher Nolan ($71.5 million) can thank each other as Inception helped them both have a stellar year, though DiCaprio also starred in the Scorsese thriller Shutter Island.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse love trio all made the list as well, with Taylor Lautner leading the pack at $33.5 million. His earnings include $12.5 million for each half of the upcoming two-part Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn film. Robert Pattinson raked in $27.5 million, but was bested by Kristen Stewart who earned $28.5 million. The rest of the list is below.

Hollywood Top 40 Earners for 2010

  1. James Cameron – $257 million
  2. Johnny Depp – $100 million
  3. Steven Spielberg – $80 million
  4. Christopher Nolan- $71.5 million
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio – $62 million
  6. Tim Burton – $53 million
  7. Adam Sandler – $50 million
  8. Todd Phillips – $34 million
  9. Taylor Lautner – $33.5 million
  10. Robert Downey Jr – $31.5 million
  11. Will Smith – $29 million
  12. Joe Roth – $28.5 million
  13. Kristen Stewart – $28.5 million
  14. Jerry Bruckheimer – $27.5 million
  15. Robert Pattinson – $27.5 million
  16. Jason Blum and Oren Peli – $26.5 million
  17. Tyler Perry – $25 million
  18. Jennifer Aniston – $24.5 million
  19. Jon Favreau – $24 million
  20. Nicolas Cage – $23.5 million
  21. Angelina Jolie – $23.5 million
  22. Sandra Bullock – $22 million
  23. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard – $21 million
  24. Christopher Meledandri – $21 million
  25. Joel Silver – $21 million
  26. Owen Wilson – $19.5 million
  27. Vince Vaughn – $18.5 million
  28. Daniel Craig – $18 million
  29. Vin Diesel – $18 million (for Fast Furious 5)
  30. Ben Stiller – $18 million
  31. Steve Carell – $17.5 million
  32. Martin Scorsese – $17 million
  33. Katherine Heigl – $16 million
  34. Shia LaBeouf – $16 million
  35. Tom Cruise – $14.5 million
  36. Reese Witherspoon – $14.5 million
  37. Hugh Jackman $14 million
  38. Shawn Levy – $14 million
  39. Guy Ritchie – $13.5 million
  40. Eddie Murphy – $13 million

Somehow Eddie Murphy keeps pulling in the cash. For a detailed breakdown for this list, including dollar amounts for every movie each person was paid for, head over to Vanity Fair.

Are you puzzled by anyone on this list? Does it make you mad that Katherine Heigl keeps making money despite so many terrible movies?

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