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Netflix orders 3 more seasons of Chef’s Table doc series, adds more female chefs

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If you loved the first six episodes of Netflix original documentary Chef’s Table, you’ll be delighted to know that the streaming service is cooking up another 16 episodes of the popular show.

Each episode of Chef’s Table follows the story of a famous chef from around the world, talking about their inspiration and individual styles. It’s a glimpse into the tough, incredibly detailed, and fascinating restaurant industry, and the minds of some of the most renowned professionals in cooking. Season 1 featured names like Massimo Bottura, chef at Osteria Francescana in Italy, which has been ranked the third-best restaurant in the world, and Magnus Nilsson, who has put his home city of Jarpen, Sweden on the map with his restaurant Faviken, despite being about as far away as you can get from fresh ingredients.

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The second season will begin with six new episodes that will premiere on May 27, followed by four special episodes making up a season three that will be dedicated specifically to the world’s most renowned French chefs. It will be released some time later in the year. Then, in early 2017, we’ll see another six chefs highlighted in as many new, one-hour episodes for a fourth season.

The next round of shows will also add more female chefs, as well, as only one was chosen for season one. Newcomers include Ana Ros of Hisa Franko in Slovenia and Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in the U.S., who will both be included in the first round of six chefs for season two. Jeong Kwan (Chunjinam Hermitage, Baekyangsa Temple, South Korea) and Nancy Silverton from the U.S. restaurant Mozza are also on the roster for 2017’s season four, and Adeline Grattard of the restaurant Yam’Tcha will be one of the four French chefs included in the special season three.

Lisa Nishimura, Netflix Vice President of Original Documentary Programming, called the first season “visually stunning and engrossing,” and noted that Netflix was “thrilled to continue our partnership with David Gelb [Chef’s Table creator] and his team.

“David’s unique vision,” she continues, “takes viewers around the world experiencing the secret richness of street food to the most celebrated kitchens…”

Each chef chosen to be featured is carefully curated, says Netflix, to represent diverse backgrounds and to highlight those on a “quest for sensory perfection.”

“With a wide range of disciplines and culinary talent, there was no way we could pack all of the incredible chef stories into one season,” adds Gelb.

A Boardwalk Pictures production, Chef’s Table is created, executive produced and directed by Gelb. Clay Jeter, Andrew Fried and Brian McGinn return as directors, with Abigail Fuller directing as well. Fried and McGinn are executive producers with Dane Lillegard as Co-Executive Producer for Boardwalk Pictures.

Updated 10:32 p.m. PST: The original article incorrectly stated that season two will highlight the show’s first female chefs; one was highlighted in the debut season.

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