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5 best comic book titles to read for SDCC 2023

With the diminished presence of movie studios, San Diego Comic-Con 2023 will have a greater focus on the comic book source medium that inspired it. Fans will need to temper their expectations for the latest in the MCU and the forthcoming DCU, but there are plenty of ongoing comics for fans to read and get invested in.

DC Comics will feature announcements from the current Dawn of DC event and more. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics will also have reveals regarding the future of several major properties, assuring that there will be something for every kind of comic fan. From series like Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez’s Batman run to the former’s epic Daredevil finale with Marco Checchetto, there are a few great ongoing comics to help get in the spirit of SDCC 2023.


Batman with Tim Drake as Robin in the foreground for Failsafe cover art.
DC Comics

Between the character’s ongoing mainline and spin-off comics, as well as the critical and commercial success of last year’s The Batman with Robert Pattinson donning the cape and cowl, the brooding hero is flourishing in just about every medium he features in.

It’s a great opportunity to get into the main Batman book, as Chip Zdarsky — while working on his acclaimed Daredevil run for Marvel — takes on writing duties with star artist Jorge Jiménez. This creative duo’s run has two story arcs under its belt, with the initial Failsafe arc serving as a clever indirect sequel to Tower of Babel, with the Dark Knight seeing his greatest contingency effort morphed into his greatest threat. It’s early days still, but the two have made a promising first impression.


Daredevil brooding on a building as the rain pours.
Marvel Comics

Elsewhere in top-tier writer Chip Zdarsky’s catalog, he and talented artist Marco Checchetto prepare to bring their exceptional Daredevil run to a close before Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder pick it up in September. The Man Without Fear is one of the superheroes to arguably enjoy the most consistent high-quality runs in the character’s publication history, but the creative team here has more than risen to the challenge.

From the shocking catalyst to force Matt Murdock to look inward about his role as a vigilante to the grand-scale mysticism of two Daredevils going up against the world-ending machinations of The Hand, this Daredevil run has packed thrilling storytelling and meaningful character development at every scale. Coming off the legacies of Frank Miller, Brian Bendis, and more, it’s impressive how Zdarsky can still muster something worth saying about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight battles 2 vampires in a Marvel comic book.
Marvel Comics

Hopefully, the MCU Disney+ Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac has given more attention to Moon Knight, as the current run with writer Jed MacKay and artist Allesandro Cappucio has been stellar since their start in 2021. Marc Spector is a fascinating subject as a protagonist due to the themes of mental health at the core of his stories and character.

MacKay and Cappucio’s run presents the hero in a deeply troubled state emotionally and psychologically, with the Mr. Knight persona at odds with the moon god Khonshu and establishing his own Midnight Mission to fight crime. Along with a supporting cast featuring familiar characters and fresh faces, this Moon Knight run has been a fantastic blend of street-level grit with the occult and supernatural.


Superman flies over Metropolis in a DC comic book.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Dawn of DC event has paved the way for several comic book series debuts and relaunches, with Superman seeing the premiere of a new creative team. One of the publisher’s busiest writers, Joshua Williamson teams up with artist Jamal Campbell for a new run of Superman that sees the Man of Tomorrow return to Metropolis.

It’s a long-awaited return for fans, as Superman returns from his intergalactic ventures while his son — Jon Kent — served as the protector in his stead. The new run has just a few issues out so far, but it’s been acclaimed for reaffirming Superman’s place in the DC mythos and what makes him such a beloved character. There’s expectedly plenty of superheroic action, but it’s compassion that ultimately wins the day.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman runs to fight in a DC comic book.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another one of the landmark relaunches in the Dawn of DC event, with Wonder Woman hitting a centennial issue with issue No. 800. This story is the conclusion to the Whatever Happened to the Warrior of Truth? story arc, but it gives fans a glimpse into what veteran writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere’s run on Wonder Woman will be like.

Similar to the new run on Superman, this issue is a satisfying close to the storyline by adopting a celebratory tone that highlights the Princess of Themyscira’s best qualities as a hero. Though it’s the tail-end of one arc, the upcoming Comic-Con event in addition to the full-fledged start of King and Sampere’s run on the horizon, it’s a great time to get caught up on Wonder Woman’s exploits.

All of these comic book series can be read digitally on DC Universe Infinite and Marvel Unlimited.

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