Tina Fey literally gave Letterman the dress off her back on air last night

Tina Fey plus David Letterman equals late night comedy gold. As the last days of Letterman’s 30+ year run tick down, the actress/comedian/producer extraordinaire appeared on Late Night with David Letterman last night, and literally took the dress right off her back to give to Dave, claiming it’s the last fancy dress she’ll ever wear on a talk show.

Before disrobing on air, Fey explained to Letterman, who is set to retire following his last show on May 20, that she gets all gussied up for her appearances out of respect for him. And with Letterman gone, she’ll have no need to dress up on air again.

It’s not like she’ll get all dolled up for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, she jokes – “that’s creepy he’s like my brother.” After all, the two headed up the hallowed Weekend Update segment on SNL for years.

“I’m gonna wear special underwear for James Cordon? That’s not gonna happen,” Fey continued.

Perhaps Fey didn’t realize this might be a dig to Stephen Colbert, who will be taking over Late Night. Maybe he only deserves casual dresses – only someone of Letterman’s caliber will get a Kate Middleton-style classy frock. And speaking of special underwear, Fey had a special message (on both sides) written just for Dave in the multi-tiered spandex outfit that appeared under the dress. But it’s best you watch for yourself to find out what happens. #lastdressever

It seemed Letterman was genuinely taken aback and touched by the gesture, but, in typical fashion, after the clothing was gone and the audience had been calmed, Dave had one more joke to serve up as Fey stood in her skivvies: “I’m told we have time for one more segment,” he quipped.

Late Night With David Letterman has run for over 30 years, first on NBC then CBS, and has seen a steady stream of high-profile guests, and fun segments. The last episode will see a number of celebrity appearances, with Fey reportedly among them. And you can bet she’ll be wearing pants.

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