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Disney+ is letting you grab three years of service for less than $5 per month

If you’re planning on subscribing to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ — and if you’re a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, or any of the other properties that Disney owns, you really should consider it — there’s another sweet deal on the table for those of you who missed out on the pre-Labor Day special.

For a limited time, a three-year subscription is only $170, according to the Orlando Sentinel. It’s a special offer that will run for an unknown length of time. You can sign up at and use the code “PARKSPASS3YEARS.”

This deal drops Disney+’s yearly subscription price from $70 to $56 a year — or just under $5 per month — saving you about 20% on annual subscription fees. It’s not as good a deal as the previous one that Disney offered, but if you’re thinking of signing up, it’s still a significant savings.

Digital Trends hasn’t been unable to verify this deal. At the time of publication, going to the website listed above provided us only with a black page and a small animated set of white concentric circles. It’s possible the site has been overwhelmed with demand, so be sure to check back later if you experience the same thing.

Disney will most likely have any issues sorted out soon — and it must be pretty pleased by how eager people are to watch shows and movies like The MandalorianCaptain Marvel, and every single episode of The Simpsons. Yes, that’s right: All of them.

One deal that is very much available still is Disney’s bundle: Disney+ along with EPSN+ and Hulu for $13 per month.

Disney+ debuts on November 12, 2019, and will be the exclusive online home for the entire Disney catalog, including hard-to-find animated movies, all of the studio’s newest feature films, and original live-action TV series based on Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some of which won’t arrive until your three-year commitment is almost up. You can learn more by reading our handy guide.

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