Doctor Who premiere clips offer giant robots, killer jellyfish, and… Hitler?!

doctor whoWe’re swiftly approaching the August 27 mideason premiere of Doctor Who, so that means BBC and BBC America are shifting the marketing machine into a higher gear these days. Earlier this week, we got a short prequel for the upcoming “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode, and now we have two new clips from the episode to whet our appetites for The Doctor’s imminent return.

The two clips offer significantly different takes on the upcoming encounter between The Doctor, his companions, and Adolf Hitler. In the first clip, we see the time- and space-traveling TARDIS dump The Doctor, Amy, and Rory (as well as another unidentified passenger) in someone’s office. After clearing the smoke and surveying their surroundings, they come face to face with the office’s owner, Hitler.

Oh, and there’s also something going on with an officer lying prone on the floor of the office who may or may not be a robot piloted by miniature people.

The second clip appears to take us inside one of the aforementioned robots, as Amy and Rory try to figure out what they’re doing in the automaton and why there are a bunch of mechanical jellyfish attempting to incinerate them. Also, Amy has a sonic screwdriver, which is a point that will probably require some explaining.

The second half of the Doctor Who season premieres August 27 on BBC and BBC America.