Paramount refuels Michael Mann Ferrari flick, eyes Noomi Rapace

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Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari biopic was stuck in first gear for quite a while but it looks as if its engine is finally getting revved up.

The Wrap is reporting that Paramount has acquired the film’s domestic distribution rights and that Mann and company are already in talks with Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), who has been tapped to play Laura Dominica, Ferrari’s wife.

Talks with Rapace are still in the early stages, but the mere fact that Christian Bale could soon have a co-star means this movie is moving forward rather than stalling out, as some had suspected it would. We’ve known for a while now that Bale would play the eponymous auto-entrepreneur, but details on the supporting cast had been pretty much nil. The fact that film lacked a distributor also helped make it feel less real and more like the thousands of Hollywood projects that get stuck in perpetual limbo.

Now that Parmount is on board, however, it looks like the news may come fast and furious on Enzo Ferrari, which would be a welcome change of pace for its director.

This movie has been a very long time coming for Mann, who first began exploring the idea right around the turn of the millennium and has been working on-and-off since then to make it happen. The project pulled a huge coup in landing Bale, who remains one of the biggest-ticket actors in Hollywood, but if we had a dollar for every time an actor/actress was signed on to a project that he/she didn’t end up appearing in, we’d have have a Ferrari-sized fortune on our hands.

Here’s hoping that this one continues to trend in the right direction. We’ll be sure to update you with additional casting information and a release date as soon as it becomes available.

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