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HBO to give Game of Thrones fans theories and recaps on After the Thrones

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HBO is giving Game of Thrones fans a new way to obsess over the hit fantasy drama series. The premium network announced plans today to launch After the Thrones, a new weekly aftershow that will delve into all things GoT. The series will be hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, stemming from HBO’s partnership with Bill Simmons.

After the Thrones is described as taking “a lively, humorous and sophisticated look” at Game of Thrones, with installments recapping the latest episode and getting into the nitty-gritty. The hosts will discuss everything from GoT politics to theories — both “absurd and not-so-absurd” — about where the show is headed. The network seems to have a lot of faith in Greenwald and Ryan as hosts, promising that they’ll “discuss the show as only they can.”

Having previously hosted the Grantland podcast Watch the Thrones, the duo has already proven to be very well-versed in GoT. Greenwald and Ryan have also gained experience as the hosts of The Watch for Channel 33’s podcast feed for The Ringer. They should be prepared to dive right into the fray and steer the conversation about what showrunners have promised is the best season yet.

Aftershows are often a smart way to engage a TV show’s fandom. AMC, in particular, has been a active in creating such series. The network recently introduced Talking Saul to analyze Better Call Saul, and has previously debuted Talking Dead and Talking Bad for The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad fans, respectively. Like HBO, the BBC was inspired to add an aftershow, After the Black for its sci-fi hit Orphan Black.

After the Thrones will be available each week starting with season six’s April 24 premiere. Viewers will be able to find episodes on Mondays on HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand, plus on affiliate portals. So far, HBO hasn’t announced play dates on the network’s main channel, but they’re promised to be announced after they are confirmed.

After the Thrones comes from executive producers Simmons and BSMG president Eric Weinberger. Ryan and Greenwald will co-executive produce.

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