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The sky is falling in the first trailer for the disaster-fueled ‘Geostorm’

Fans of disaster movies who prefer their superstorms with decidedly fewer sharks should probably take note of Geostorm, the upcoming, epic environmental catastrophe film from Independence Day and Stargate writer Dean Devlin.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Skydance released the first trailer for Geostorm this week and the preview manages to pack in just about every terrible thing that the weather can do to humanity, from tornados and tsunamis to the ground actually opening up beneath us. Basically, if you ever needed a reason not to mess with Mother Nature, the film seems to offer a pretty good one.

Set to be Devlin’s directorial debut, Geostorm casts Gerard Butler (300Olympus Has Fallen) as a scientist tasked with figuring out why a weather-controlling satellite system has gone haywire and spawned a series of terrifying environmental events.

Along with Butler in the lead role, the film features 21 actor Jim Sturgess as the brother of Butler’s character, Limitless actress Abbie Cornish stars as a Secret Service agent, Rush actress Alexandra Maria Lara as an International Space Station astronaut, and The Man with the Iron Fists actor Daniel Wu as a supervisor for the weather-controlling system. Academy Award nominees Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part III) and Ed Harris (PollockWestworld) play the U.S. President and the Secretary of State, respectively.

Devlin first made a name for himself as the co-writer of 1992’s Universal Soldier, beginning a long list of collaborations with writer-director Roland Emmerich. The pair worked together again on Independence Day and Stargate, as well as 1998’s Godzilla reboot. Although Geostorm will be the first feature film Devlin directs, he previously directed episodes of the television series Leverage and The Librarians.

Geostorm is scheduled to hit theaters on October 20.

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