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Writer for 'Gremlins 3' says script is finished, hints at Gizmo's fate

Gremlins 3 Gizmo
If you’re a fan the 1980s cult-classic Gremlins, we have good news and bad news for you. The good news: Gremlins 3 (title pending) is on its way, after years — nay, decades — of rumor and hearsay (and soundtrack re-releases). The bad news? Adorable little Gizmo might not survive for Gremlins 4.

A recent Slashfilm interview with writer Chris Columbus confirms that the script for Gremlins 3 is finished and that the film will have a dark, twisted tone — reminiscent more of the original Gremlins than the wacky sequel, which featured Hulk Hogan and spawned this excellent Key & Peele sketch (and which Columbus did not write). He also assured fans that puppets will still be heavily featured in production, though there may be some CGI elements as well.

When asked about the fate of Gizmo — who did nothing wrong! — Columbus, who has taken on the role of producer (rather than writer) in films of late, confessed that the little furry guy could be on his way out. “I think [Gizmo’s death] is probably a good idea, to be honest,” he said. “Too many people are dying.”

Not a reboot!

Zach Galligan, who starred in the two original films, confirmed during a 2015 Q&A at the Prince Charles Cinema in London that, while we will see the return of the tiny creatures, it will not be a remake in “any way, shape, or form.” The original is reportedly far too close to the heart of Columbus to try and resurrect it in any way.

In the original story, Gizmo is a cute, good-natured, Furby doll-like creature called a Mogwai that spawns a group of dubious offspring Mogwai when water is accidentally spilled on him. Led by ringleader, Stripe, these delinquent Mogwai trick their owner into being fed after midnight, which causes them to transform into evil gremlins. Naturally, all hell breaks loose from there. The film has been dubbed a sort of horror/comedy, with both elements playing strong parts in the story.

Galligan revealed some pretty juicy details about the new film though, likening the concept to the approach taken with Jurassic World, which looked at the situation in real time, 30 years later. He confirmed that events from the first film would be referred to in the new movie, and some characters may also reprise their roles. Galligan swore that he was unsure whether he’d be one of those characters, but hinted that there was a “decent chance” seeing that he was “one of the few people left standing from the first movie.”

Galligan, now 51, has been steadily working since Gremlins, but only in a lengthy list of small parts. Also unconfirmed is whether funnyman Howie Mandel will reprise his role as the voice of Gizmo.

Galligan wouldn’t disclose any more than that, other than to say that the movie would be a “reinvention” of the original, and an “interesting version.”

While Columbus penned the script for the original version, he was not involved with the second film. But he is reportedly on board to produce this third flick, alongside Steven Spielberg, who was executive producer of the original as well. Warner Bros confirmed in April 2015 that it had signed Goosebumps writer Carl Ellsworth to head up the writing for the movie. Columbus, for his part, has had a ton of success aside from Gremlins, with directing credits to his name for massive hits like The Goonies, Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, and two of the Harry Potter films.

Update: Chris Columbus has finished the script for Gremlins 3.

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