In the Heart of the Sea trailer pits Chris Hemsworth against a whale with anger issues

The latest trailer for Warner Bros.’ In the Heart of the Sea was released on Tuesday and it shows the mighty leviathan wreaking havoc on, well, everything. And to be honest, it doesn’t show much more than that.

Chris Hemsworth is a whaler and harpoonist, we learn that much, but otherwise he spends most of the trailer ducking for cover, gasping for breath, and looking concerned/terrified.

We don’t blame him either. Let’s be honest, the shark from Jaws is child’s play next to a city bus-sized beast with a chip on its shoulder … er, tail. In the space of 2:30, the disgruntled cetacean seems to destroy an entire fleet of ships.

Director Ron Howard is captaining this struggle between man and monster and he and Hemsworth have collaborated successfully in the past. The two teamed up for Rush, a film about rival Formula 1 racers that hit theaters back in 2013. The film was lauded by critics and audiences alike and the team behind In the Heart of the Sea will hope that the actor/director duo can follow that up with another hit.

Based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book of the same name, this film follows the story of the Essex, a ship that was preyed upon by an enormous sperm whale circa 1820. The story is thought to be one of the inspirations for Herman Melville’s iconic novel Moby Dick and the film also stars Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), and Tom Holland (The Impossible). What do you get when you cross a monster movie with classic literature? We’ll have to wait and sea …

In the Heart of the Sea hits theaters December 11, 2015, and will look to rake in as much profit as possible before the force awakens the following week.

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