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‘jOBS’ biopic starring Ashton Kutcher coming to theaters April 19

Ashton Kutcher’s long-awaited Steve Jobs biopic will hit movie theaters across the nation on April 19, the Hollywood Reporter said on Wednesday.

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern and written by Matt Whitely, jOBS covers the life of the late Apple co-founder from 1971 to the mid-90s as he took the company from his parents’ Los Altos garage and helped it grow into one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Apple fans should get a kick out of the fact that the garage scenes are shot in the very same one where Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple in April 1976, a move the makers of the film said was in keeping with their commitment to “accuracy and authenticity.”

Besides Kutcher, jOBS also stars Josh Gad as co-founder Steve Wozniak, Matthew Modine as former CEO John Sculley and Dermot Mulroney as early Apple investor and former CEO Mike Markkula.

Production began in June last year, with several photos leaking from the set showing Kutcher running about a field waving his arms in the air, apparently for a scene depicting Jobs’ so-called ‘LSD years’.

The producers of the forthcoming biopic promise the movie will “shed new light on Steve Jobs’ most defining and personal moments, motivations, and the people that drove him,” calling it a “dark, honest and uncompromising” piece of work.

A select few Apple/movie fans will be able to see if Kutcher nailed the role of the late Apple leader this Friday when the movie debuts at the Sundance Film Festival. jOBS will also close the festival on Sunday.

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