Hilarious Lego version of Jurassic World sums up the movie in 90 seconds

Thanks to the creativity of YouTube user BrotherhoodWorkshop, Jurassic World can be enjoyed in less than two minutes — or at least a pretty fantastic Lego animation version of it can be. In a video posted earlier this week, Jurassic World in 90 Seconds, the entire blockbuster film is hilariously simplified and spoofed. It’s a must-watch even for those who have yet to check out the latest installment in the dinosaur-focused franchise.

To make a long story short — literally — and come up with the condensed version of Jurassic World, the creators had to pare down a film that’s over two hours long and choose the most important plot points. What they managed to fit in is impressive. There are plenty of rampaging dinosaurs, helicopters, and weapons, plus a healthy dose of hysteria. There’s even still time for a tender moment between Lego Owen and Lego Claire.

The oversimplification of the plot, along with the creative license the creators took with the dialogue, is amazing. The video takes the moments you sat and begged someone on the screen not to do something and injects them with humor. At one point, a character even says, “This was a terrible idea!” while being shaken around in the mouth of a raptor.

Jurassic World in 90 Seconds is just one of a handful of Lego Jurassic World clips made by BrotherhoodWorkshop. According to the group’s YouTube account, they “make awesome stop-motion and fantasy videos” with the hope of one day making feature films. So far, they’ve created a bevy of incredible Lego animations starring characters from familiar film franchises, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and more.