Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben? Sally Field as Aunt May? Spidey casting news

Consider this about 25-percent rumor and 75-percent fact, but Martin Sheen and Sally Field are both set to appear in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sheen is in the late stages of negotiations and is virtually confirmed for the film, while EW reports that Field has been offered the role, and is likely to accept, but the negotiations are still in the early stages.

Sheen would play Peter Parker’s bullet-friendly uncle Ben Parker, while Field would play Aunt May. In the previous movies, the roles were played by Cliff Robertson and Rosemary Harris, respectively.

Sheen and Field would join the recently cast Rhys Ifans, who will play Dr. Curt Conners– aka the Lizard– as well as Emma Stone, who will play Gwen Stacey opposite Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. It was recently confirmed that Mary Jane would not appear in the film, so this appears to be the majority of the casting.

Spider-Man will be released on July 3, 2012 in 3D.

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