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Lifetime’s latest victim for an unauthorized tell-all is Melrose Place

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Lifetime is on a roll with its unauthorized behind-the-scenes stories of past television favorites, having already done one on Saved by the Bell, with plans for two more ‘90s gems: Full House and Beverly Hills 90210. And now, as reported by Variety, we can add another ‘90s soap to the mix in Melrose Place.

The made-for-TV movie will reportedly delve into the dramas that took place both on and off screen of the TV program that aired during primetime evening hours and was chocked full of juicy rumors and betrayal. A focus will be on the most high-profile addition to the cast – Heather Locklear – who was said to have been brought in to “save” the program. How did the original actors get cast? How did they get along? What juicy secrets are hidden behind the walls of that posh apartment complex in which all of the characters lived?

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Clearly there was plenty going on behind-the-scenes: by the time the show ended its seven-season run, only one of the original cast members, Thomas Calabro who played Dr. Michael Mancini, remained. Perhaps the best know former cast members include Doug Savant and Marcia Cross, both of whom ended up on another primetime drama, Desperate Housewives. In addition, the show was home to Kristin Davis, who moved on to Sex and the City, and Courtney Thorne-Smith, a TV sitcom regular who has since appeared on shows like According to Jim, Ally McBeal, and Two and a Half Men. By season six, Alyssa Milano, who had a recurring role, became a series regular as well.

There’s no word on who will be cast to play the roles of each actor, but it’s unlikely given the unauthorized “tell-all” movies we’ve seen so far from Lifetime that it will be anyone with name recognition.

Michael Larkin and Howard Braunstein will serve as executive producers, Christian Bruyere as producer, and Mark Griffiths as director. Dana Schmalenberg will write the script.

Melrose Place was created by Darren Star and executive produced by ’90s hitmaker Aaron Spelling, as a spin-off to Beverly Hills 90210. Rather than begin in the high school years, however, it started off with an older and far more daring and manipulative set of characters than the teens we got to get to know on 90210. It ran for seven seasons, from 1992 through to 1999.

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