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Love tears Harry Styles apart in My Policeman’s new trailer

Love is never easy even under the best of circumstances. And the circumstances are far from ideal in Prime Video‘s upcoming film, My Policeman. Harry Styles, one of the leads of Don’t Worry Darling, headlines the film as Tom Burgess, a police officer in the ’50s who has to hide the fact that he’s secretly gay. It was a different time back then, and even the hint of homosexuality could ruin lives. That’s why Tom married a school teacher named Marion Taylor. Marion truly loves Tom, but the titular policeman only has eyes for a local museum curator, Patrick Hazlewood. And that’s a volatile love triangle that may ultimately destroy all three of them.

My Policeman - Official Trailer | Prime Video

The trailer primarily explores Tom’s bond with Patrick. In a different time and place, they wouldn’t have had to hide who they are. But by bringing Marion into his life, Tom is only inviting disaster. Marion is obviously upset that her husband loves someone more than he loves her. Especially when it’s another man. And in that era, Marion could potentially expose her rival and brand him a pariah. But she may not be prepared for the consequences of her own actions.

The cast of My Policeman.

The Crown‘s Emma Corrin co-stars in the film as Marion Taylor, with David Dawson as Patrick Hazlewood. Additionally, the scenes set in the ’90s will feature older versions of the leading characters as the repercussions of their decisions catch up to them later in life. Linus Roache appears as an older version of Tom, with Gina McKee as the older Marion, and Rupert Everett as the older Patrick.

Michael Grandage directed the film from a script by Ron Nyswaner based upon Bethan Roberts’ novel, My Policeman. The film will get a limited theatrical release on October 21.

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