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Netflix original series goes international, new show 3% shot entirely in Brazil

netflix original series 3 percent shot in brazil
Boutique Filmes
Netflix is taking things international with its first original series shot entirely in Brazil, entitled 3%.

The series, starring Joao Miguel (Estomago) and Bianca Comparato (Avenida Brasil), is dubbed a futuristic thriller that looks at life’s often unfair, sometimes even cruel, process for presenting people with opportunities.

According to Boutique Films, which is producing the series, 3% will unfold in a corrupt place called “Hither,” where people go through a process to get to “Thither” once they turn 20. “Thither” promises a better life. But they have to get through a series of moral dilemmas, and plenty of danger, before they get there. That’s if they’re even among that lucky 3% who get the chance. Which begs the question: what happens to the other 97%?

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“Ultimately,” says the Oscar-nominated director Cesar Charlone (City of God, Blindness), “the series questions the dynamics of society that imposes constant selection processes we all have to go through, whether we like it or not.”

Survival of the fittest? A dog eat dog world? A new kind of Hunger Games? It sounds like the program will look at notions much like these in a highly dramatic way, perhaps even similarly to a twisted British horror show, Black Mirror, which is also available on Netflix.

The show, based on a story that was written by Pedro Aguilera a few years ago, will start filming in Ultra HD 4K in 2016, and will debut exclusively on Netflix worldwide later that year. Charlone has signed on to direct the first season, and Tiago Mello will executive produce.

Mello calls Netflix “one of the most innovative networks in the world. Netflix’s willingness to invest in Brazilian content, local talent and creative storytelling is key for our growth as an industry.”

Erik Barmack, Netflix’s Vice President of Independent and Local Content, says he’s “confident that this fascinating premise will be widely enjoyed by our members internationally.”

When Netflix began its international expansion into 43 countries and territories in Central and South America, and the Caribbean in September 2011, Brazil became the first country to gain access. A subscription there cost the equivalent of about $9.10/mo. – slightly more expensive than in the U.S. and Canada, where the service launched at $7.99 (now $8.99 for new subscribers.)

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