Watch Nick Offerman sip scotch in this epic new yule log video

What’s better than a crackling fire on your computer or TV screen to set the holiday mood? How about Internet totem of comic masculinity Nick Offerman sipping scotch next to that crackling fire?

Having recently served as a spokesman for Lagavulin Scotch Whiskey, Nick Offerman stars in a series of sponsored web videos called “My Tales of Whiskey.” To ring in the holiday season, Offerman (and Lagavulin) attempted to modernize a Christmas tradition, the Yule Log, by adding … himself. Instead of staring at a long video loop of logs burning in a fireplace, holiday spirit enthusiasts can watch a long loop of Offerman sitting by a roaring fire in a leather armchair, peacefully sipping a glass of scotch.

Anyone familiar with Offerman, either through famed TV show Parks and Recreation or his standup comedy, knows he’s the perfect person for this job. Just watch him majestically enjoy that drink for 45 minutes and feel the warmth emanate from your screen, then you’ll understand. (Note: If you can warm yourself with heat coming off your monitor, it might be time to consider replacing it.)

A yule log can be great. If you grew up with a fireplace, it can evoke thoughts of home and incite fond memories of times gone by. Very few of us, however, have ever had the pleasure of drinking scotch with the legendary Ron Swanson, Offerman’s character from Parks and Recreation. By giving his fans the opportunity to visualize that quiet, happy moment, Offerman has elevated the Yule Log from a nostalgic trifle to something aspirational. As you sit around the fire with your family next year, you may raise a glass and toast, “Next year with Ron!”

Ok. Maybe that’s a bit much. But you have to admit this is at least a little more interesting than watching wood burn on TV.

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