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Tim Roth plays mind games with Rebecca Hall in Resurrection trailer

The human mind is such a fragile thing. Sometimes we need to cling to a few lies and illusions just to make it through the day. That’s one of the reasons why the latest trailer for Resurrection is so intriguing. In the film, Rebecca Hall’s Margaret is haunted by the events of her past, and her mental struggles have apparently been an ongoing challenge for her to deal with. However, the relatively happy life that Margaret has put together as a single mother is shattered when David (Tim Roth) reenters her life.

Resurrection - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

This trailer seems to be intentionally vague about what relationship Margaret and David had in the past. It’s also unclear whether David is gaslighting Margaret when he claims that he doesn’t know her, or if she is simply projecting her justifiable fears about David’s return onto someone else. Margaret’s daughter, Abbie (Grace Kaufman), even tells her mother that she may be having “an episode.” This suggests that Margaret has had some mental breakdowns before. It also forces viewers to question whether the threat of David is real, or if it is all in Margaret’s mind. How far will Margaret go to protect herself from threats both real and imagined?

Rebecca Hall in Resurrection.

Michael Esper co-stars in the film as Peter, with Angela Wong Carbone as Gwyn, and Jaime Zevallos as Driver. Andrew Semans wrote and directed Resurrection from a script that placed in the 2019 Black List of the best unproduced screenplays.

Resurrection will premiere simultaneously in theaters and on digital on August 5. Shudder will then stream Resurrection to its subscribers in November.

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