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TNT is bringing us a Ridley Scott-developed night of sci-fi programming

ridley scott tnt sci fi programming block
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Sci-fi fans have more from Ridley Scott to look forward to than just his upcoming film Alien: Covenant. The legendary director is teaming up with TNT to develop a block of original programming, the network announced Wednesday. That means we have a lot of intriguing content to look forward to — and a variety of it, too.

While TNT’s initial plans include Scott collaborating on an hour-long series, the network also intends for him to work on short-form programs and other formats.

“We’re looking to create a programming block filled with the kind of imaginative, awe-inspiring storytelling that has made science fiction such a beloved and enduring genre,” said Sarah Aubrey, TNT’s executive vice president of original programming, in a statement. “Ridley Scott has created some of the best and most popular science-fiction movies of all time, and we look forward to bringing his fans even more of his smart, sophisticated stories.”

The night of programming is definitely one we are excited to see. Scott is an expert at crafting captivating sci-fi and his body of work has only grown more impressive over the decades. His films include the Alien series, The MartianBlade Runner and its forthcoming sequel, and many more. On the TV side, he has served as an executive producer on The Good Wife and The Man in the High Castle, among other series.

“Being given the creative license to generate and develop science fiction programming in a variety of formats for TNT is very exciting,” Scott said in a statement. “This genre is one of my favorites, and there are an infinite amount of original and innovative story ideas out there that we are looking forward to exploring with TNT.”

Scott previously worked with the network, delving into the activities of the CIA during the Cold War, as an executive producer for the 2007 mini-series The Company. For his new programming block, he will executive produce alongside David W. Zucker (The Good Wife), with Jordan Sheehan (The Terror) and Clayton Krueger (Mercy Street) serving as co-executive producers. His production company, Scott Free Productions, is producing his new TNT programming in association with Turner’s Studio T.

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