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Rob Zombie reveals how Herman met Lily in The Munsters trailer

Director and writer Rob Zombie is best known for his hardcore R-rated horror films including House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. That’s why it’s so surprising that Zombie’s next film is a PG-rated remake of The Munsters, the classic 1964 TV sitcom created by Allan Burns and Chris Hayward. The original series was loosely inspired by Universal monsters, with a family headed by Herman Munster (a Frankenstein’s Monster riff) and his wife, Lily, a female vampire. However, in the new trailer below, Zombie is setting the film before the events of the TV show. And fans will finally learn how Herman met Lily.

The Munsters | Official Trailer | STACK

Because this is a prequel, there’s no sign of Marilyn Munster, the only human and normal member of the family. Also absent is Eddie Munster, Herman and Lily’s werewolf son. The show never offered an explanation for Eddie’s wolf heritage. Lily seems far too smitten with Herman to have an affair, so perhaps Herman was made from parts of a werewolf.

Speaking of which, the trailer introduces viewers to Herman’s creators, while also establishing the fact that Lily’s father, The Count/Grandpa, was more than willing to make her a husband in his lab. But Herman and Lily only have eyes for each other. The trailer also features some very shoddy special effects, which appears to be an intentional touch by Zombie.

The cast of The Munsters.

Jeff Daniel Phillips headlines the film as Herman Munster, with Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, Daniel Roebuck as The Count/Grandpa, Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, Jorge Garcia as Floop, Catherine Schell as Zoya Krupp, Cassandra Peterson as Barbara Carr, Butch Patrick as Tin Can Man, Jeremy Wheeler as Mr. Gateman, Tomas Boykin as Lester, Roderick Hill as Mr. Goodbury, Mark Griffith as Mr. Graves, and Dee Wallace as the voice of Good Morning Transylvania.

The Munsters will be released later this year, but Universal hasn’t set a date for it yet.

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