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Creed director Ryan Coogler developing TV series based on juvenile detention system

ryan coogler creed tv series
While Creed didn’t quite make the cut when it came to Best Picture nominees, the latest installment from the Rocky family tree has our vote for most surprising film of the year. While some rolled their eyes when the spinoff was announced, no one could scoff at the final product, which received almost unanimously positive reviews from critics and solidified director Ryan Coogler as a rising star.

Fast-forward a few months and, not only is Coogler directing Marvel’s Black Panther movie, he’s developing a new TV series centered around the juvenile detention system. Destin Daniel Cretton is co-developing the series, which is currently being shopped to potential buyers. Cretton, of course, is best known for directing the immensely powerful Indie Short Term 12, which stars Brie Larson (Room) and tells the story of counselors at a foster care facility and the at-risk teens they support.

This latest project is dubbed Minors, and THR reports that the series inspired by the real-life experiences Coogler, Cretton, and writer Chinaka Hodge. Coogler was raised in Oakland, California, and worked in the juvenile detention system; Cretton worked in residential foster care; and Hodge has experience teaching disadvantaged youths. The series will reportedly center around children growing up in juvenile detention facilities and will examine how their lives are shaped by the experience.

Clearly, this is a heavy and difficult subject to take on,  but it sounds as if Coogler has got a very capable team at his side. His work on Fruitvale Station should also help to dispel any doubts about his ability to handle sensitive and/or complicated issues.

We’ll update you when and if a buyer for the series emerges, but as of right now, the only project on Coogler’s official directorial slate is Black Panther, which is due in theaters February 16, 2018. Stay tuned.

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