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Netflix confirms Sense8 will be back for a second season

Sense8 Netflix Original Series
It comes as no surprise that Netflix has renewed its popular original series Sense8 for a second season, reports Variety.

The sci-fi series, created by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, takes a twisted look at the lives of eight people from around the world who are mysteriously connected in some way, such that they can appear in each other’s worlds, and even channel the strengths of one another. Characters range from a young man in Nairobi who is nicknamed “Van Damme” because of his obsession with the American actor, to a badass business woman named Sun in Korea who manages to be timid and frightening at the same time. But there’s also something amiss, as someone is clearly trying to harm them. Perhaps one of the most talked about characters is Nomi, a transgender hacker (played by transgender actress Jamie Clayton) who kicks off a manhunt when she ends up in a hospital from which she must escape. A strange opening scene with actress Daryl Hannah, who intermittently appears in visions throughout, further hints at some sort of danger.

The show launched earlier this summer, having given binge-watchers a few months to tune in to the 12 episodes that make up season one. It’s shot beautifully in eight different cities meant to represent everywhere from Mumbai to Russia, Iceland, and Mexico.

The cast revealed the good news in a video Tweet this past weekend.

Straczynski says that while the first season was an origin story, the second season will have a “particular arc, and we figure it out from there.” Obviously, however, he won’t say more. That would spoil all the fun.

There’s no word yet on when season two will be available, but keep an eye out on Netflix for the next 12 or so episodes of the thrilling series.

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