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'Future Man' first look features Seth Rogen and a laser-related mishap

Future Man: San Diego Comic-Con Teaser
We have been hearing about Seth Rogen’s upcoming Future Man for a while now, but the recently-wrapped, four-day onslaught of movie and TV news commonly known as Comic-Con International in San Diego recently gave us our first look at the series. Well, maybe “first look” isn’t exactly the right terminology, but the 1:36 promo did tease us with promises of time-travelling heroes (“look who it is: Mr. Star of the Show himself, Josh Hutcherson”), functioning laser guns, and carefully chosen possums.

The spot gives us a mock tour of the set of Future Man, but it also gives us a quick-and-dirty synopsis from series co-creator Seth Rogen. The comedian describes the show as a story about “… a time-travelling janitor, who is desperately trying to save the future, without completely [messing] up the past.”

Unfortunately, the aforementioned tour is punctuated by the accidental discharge of one of the aforementioned laser guns, leaving Hutcherson in dire need of medical attention. The spot ends with Rogen calling desperately for help while repeating “it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad.”

In all seriousness, this show is all over our radar and it will be interesting to see if Hulu can follow up The Handmaid’s Tale with another (if very different) quality original series. We are also excited to see a true teaser or an official trailer in the weeks and months to come, as this spot does not showcase any actual footage.

On a more somber note, the show was set to star Glenne Headly — the Emmy-nominated actress known for such films as Dick Tracy and Mr. Holland’s Opus — before her untimely death in June. At this point, it is still unclear how integral her role in the series was, how much of it was filmed, and who (if anyone) has been brought on to replace her. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Apart from those mentioned above, Future Man stars Jason Scott Jenkins (American Horror Story), Patrick Carlyle (Rough Night), and Eliza Coupe (The Disaster Artist) All episodes of the show will be available to stream on Hulu on November 14.

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