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Catch up on the first season of Gotham and more in our 5 shows to watch

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For cord cutters, the anticipation of watching an event live gets transferred over to the weekly dumps of content on the various video streaming platforms. What’s dropping when becomes important knowledge to have, as you organize your queue. If you don’t have time to comb through all the content coming down the series of tubes that make up the Internet, don’t worry — we do.

Here are our picks for what you should watch this week.

Gotham Season 1


While Marvel regularly snatches headlines for the impressive success of its expanded universe, now taking place on the TV screen as well as in theaters, the company isn’t alone in its pursuit to consume everyone’s free time. DC is in on the action as well, and while its reputation isn’t quite as strong, it has a solid building block in the form of Gotham. The show, set in the titular city, depicts what life is like in the troubled metropolis before the emergence of the caped protector that it’s best known for.

The first season of the show is bumpy, as it finds its footing and decides which characters should take center stage in the absence of Batman, but it’s worth sticking with while it irons out the wrinkles. Gotham is packed with characters, many of whom will be familiar to anyone who has indulged in the lore of the Dark Knight. A young Jim Gordon, a rising detective in the ranks of the Gotham police department, dives into the world of the criminal element. It’s populated by ambitious baddies like the Penguin. Season 2 of the show is airing now, so it’s the perfect time to marathon through the first year and get up to speed.



Amazon Prime

Coincidences happen, and you never know what they might lead to. That’s the idea behind Serendipity, the light-hearted romantic comedy from 2001. Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, the film breezes by on the charm and charisma of its stars, who are always enjoyable to watch work. It might be about as fluffy and lightweight a film as you’ll find when it comes to twists and frills. But it’s a perfect movie to fill an evening with, when you don’t want to think too hard and just want to space out to something fun.




The film Philomena is based on the true story depicted in the 2009 book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee. It focuses on Philomena Lee and her search to find the child she gave up for adoption. She signs a contract to ensure that she will never inquire about the whereabouts of the child, but later in life she meets a reporter who decides he wants to help track down the son. The film stars Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, so you know the performances will be excellent, but the story is wonderful, and the result is a compelling and human tale.

Parenthood Season 6



For five years, Parenthood was quietly one of the best shows on television. Following different parts of the sizable Braverman family’s lives, the show managed to tell stories from a variety of perspectives while navigating the challenges of family life. It’s a coming of age story for some, and a tale for others who are still growing. The show’s sixth and final season finished airing early this year, and it wraps up the saga with a tidy bow. It’s an ending that pays off for long-time viewers.

Person of Interest Season 4



In the future, a computer will be able to predict when and where a crime will occur. In Person of Interest, the machine has become sentient and is helping to prevent violent crimes before they happen. The noble mission isn’t as effortless as one would imagine, though. Season 4 of the popular show, which just concluded airing in May of this year, deals with a rivalry between the protagonists and a new, rival system that has it out for them.

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