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Netflix launches a new Space Force trailer

Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix

Update: Our reviewer found that Steve Carell and Greg Daniels’ new Netflix series Space Force manages to mine plenty of comedy from the strange and occasionally terrifying place where America currently finds itself. Read the full Space Force review for more.

Just 10 days before Space Force lands on Netflix, the streaming service has offered up a brand new trailer for the upcoming show co-created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels.

The series is inspired by the newly created, real-world branch of the United States military tasked with waging “space warfare,” and Space Force casts Carell as a general in the U.S. Air Force who’s tasked with leading the military’s latest agency. Saddled with an ever-expanding list of personal and professional complications and a constant stream of erratic demands from the White House, Carell’s character must find a way to “put boots on the moon” in order to protect his career.

Carell is joined in the cast by two-time Oscar nominee John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich, Dangerous Liaisons), Diana Silvers (Ma), Tawny Newsome (Brockmire), Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Jimmy O. Yang (Crazy Rich Asians), and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation).

U.S. President Donald Trump established the real-world version of Space Force in December 2019 after first bringing up the idea of a space-based branch of the military in a March 2018 speech.

The sixth and youngest branch of the U.S. armed forces, the United States Space Force has endured criticism and ridicule in equal measures throughout its first months of existence. Most recently, the branch’s official logo came under fire for its close resemblance to the Starfleet Command insignia from the Star Trek franchise.

Before the branch had even been officially established, Netflix made headlines by greenlighting the Space Force sitcom. The streaming service ordered a full season of the series in January 2019, reuniting Carell with Daniels, who created the U.S. version of The Office. Along with starring in the series, Carell also serves as the series’ co-producer alongside Daniels.

The first, 10-episode season of Space Force is scheduled to premiere May 29 on Netflix.

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