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More Star Wars: The Force Awakens plot details emerge

star wars the force awakens end credits shot
In case you missed it, after putting a Fort Knox-like lockdown on plot details for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney and Lucasfilm are suddenly blabbing about everything.

Thanks in part to EW’s Star Wars double-issue, this week has been a bonanza for those looking for info on the film, with new footage, sweet new character photos, and some pretty significant plot details.

(A word of warning, if you’re attempt to “go dark” and avoid even minor spoilers before December 18, 2015, then you may want to stop reading. Otherwise, carry on.)

For the issue, EW interviewed director J.J. Abrams, and the director had the following to say about the First Order’s much-discussed Starkiller battle station, which evokes the Death Star and is featured prominently on the film’s official poster.

“It is very much — and it’s acknowledged as such in the movie — apparently another Death Star. But what it’s capable of, how it works, and what the threat is, is far greater than what the Death Star could have done. Starkiller Base is another step forward, technologically speaking, in terms of power.”

Wow! We know full well that the Death Star was capable of destroying planets (R.I.P. Alderaan), so where do we even go from there? Can this thing level entire star systems? Or is it less about firepower and more about the type of power that comes from surveillance and information? The latter would be very topical in this day and age given the whole Snowden/NSA controversy … but now we’re digressing.

EW also spoke with Domhnall Gleeson, who has been cast as the First Order’s ruthless disciplinarian General Hux. Said Gleeson of his on-screen persona, “He’s kind of opposite Kylo Ren. They have their own relationship, which is individual and unusual. One of them is strong in different ways than the other. They’re both vying for power.”

Hmm. Do we sense some dissention in the ranks?

Either way, there’s a lot to chew on here and it seems like the lid has been blown off this whole Star Wars thing. Whereas the primary problem for fans was once getting even the tiniest bit of information on the film, as we draw closer to its release, avoiding potential spoilers may soon be a bigger concern.

Whether you’re the type who likes to gobble up all available information or the type who doesn’t even want to watch the trailers before seeing the film, you don’t have much longer to wait. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will arrive in a little more than a month. May the force be with you until then.

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