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Stephen Colbert interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook on The Late Show this evening

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the hot seat tonight on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert announced the news via Twitter on Friday, with a photo showing the newly-minted Late Show host excited to show off his Apple Watch. It’s a busy month for Cook, who was in the spotlight just last week when he led last week’s Apple Event that featured the iPhone 6S as well as a new Apple TV and iPad Pro.

The appearance will be Cook’s first on late night TV, but he was featured on national TV as recently as last September. In an interview with Charlie Rose, he talked about several products — including Beats Music (now Apple Music) and the Apple TV — which his company has debuted this year. In that interview, he also spoke about how the late Steve Jobs’ influence will endure at Apple. “If you think about the things that Steve stood for at a macro level: he stood for innovation, he stood for the simple not the complex,” he said (via The Guardian). “He knew that Apple should only enter areas where we could control the primary technology.”

We expect Cook to shine more light on Apple’s newly revealed products — possibly including more information on how the iPhone preorders are doing — to Colbert, a longtime fan of Apple. As part of last October’s Apple launch event, Colbert even made a cameo as the tech giant’s “Chief of Secrecy” in a short skit

Cook will be the third major Silicon Valley exec on the Late Show, following Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk and Uber head Travis Kalanick. Musk’s appearance was particularly notable, especially considering that he told Colbert that he’d like to nuke mars in order to make it inhabitable to humans. “There’s the fast way, and the slow way,” said Musk to Colbert. “The fast way is to drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles.” In response, Colbert called the tech exec a “super villian.”

If Tim Cook’s appearance tonight is half as memorable, we’re sure that it will be a must-watch.

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