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‘Ted’ the bear tries to break the Internet with Kim Kardashian-inspired ‘EW’ cover

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Giving Kim Kardashian West a run for her money, Ted the bear, star of the upcoming Ted 2, borrowed her now-famous pose for the cover of the most recent edition of Entertainment Weekly. (Swapping out champagne for beer, of course.) On newsstands today, the latest issue also features an interview with Seth MacFarlane, the voice behind the adorable-yet-raunchy bear, who doubles as the director and writer. The TV/film creator chatted about what R-rated antics we can expect from the upcoming Ted sequel, which hits theaters on June 26.


Ted 2 will explore the bear’s legal battle to prove his personhood so that he can take on parenthood with his wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). In spite of the white-picket-fence premise, the film is sure to be anything but family-friendly. Ted and his best friend, John (Mark Wahlberg), will undoubtedly have many misadventures along the way, likely involving various combinations of drugs, nudity, and profanity. If MacFarlane was behind the brilliant idea of Ted taking on Kim Kardashian West’s pose for the Entertainment Weekly cover, it gives us high hopes for the quality of the soon-to-be released sequel.

With the success of the first movie, Ted 2 has a lot to live up to, but MacFarlane was determined to avoid “the trap that you fall into with a comedy series” — making the same movie twice. He aimed to make the story completely new, but kept the obscene brand of humor that made Ted one of the highest-grossing R-rated comedies of all time, bringing in $549.4 million worldwide. “I really do think that it’s just as simple as cute, fuzzy things behaving badly is appealing to all ­audiences,” MacFarlane says. “There’s something inherently funny about that … something that looks small and adorable behaving in an inappropriate fashion.”

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