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Watch a great white shark make Blake a lot more lively

Grab your harpoon, landlubber: A new shark horror film called The Shallows is on its way. Sony Pictures Entertainment released the latest trailer for the film today, so brace yourself.

And if you’ve been able to return to the water since first watching Jaws (or any of its sequels), you may find yourself fearful of the ocean all over.

Starring Blake Lively, The Shallows centers on a medical student who finds her way to a secluded surfing spot. “It’s perfect,” Lively’s character, Nancy, tells her sister via Skype. The beach certainly seems to be at first — it’s even called Paradise.

Things take a quick turn for the worse, though, and we don’t even get ominous music to warn us. Nancy is knocked off her surfboard, and the water around her starts turning a horrifying red. Somehow, she makes it to the safety of a rock, where she’s helpless to save two other surfers from a deadly great white shark.

Thus we see Nancy’s dilemma: She’s injured, trapped on a rock, and surrounded by shark-infested waters. Impossible as survival seems, though, she’s not ready to roll over and (literally) die. Hope, in the form of a buoy, floats 30 or 40 yards away. While the trailer does spoil the fact that she succeeds in reaching it, she’ll need more than the flare gun she finds there. That shark is serious about turning Nancy into its next meal, if the degree to which it jostles the buoy while she’s on it is any indication.

Needless to say, it’s a nightmare of a situation and it may very well ruin the beach for you this summer, so be forewarned. The script was written by Anthony Jaswinski, and Jaume Collet-Serra directs. Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem serve as producers.

The Shallows hits theaters on June 29.

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