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Wachowski duo’s Jupiter Ascending pushed back to February 2015

wachowskis jupiter ascending pushed back february 2015 2014

Fans eagerly anticipating Jupiter Ascending, the next sci-fi adventure from The Matrix directing duo Andy and Lana Wachowski, will have to wait a little longer — seven months longer, to be exact.

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that Jupiter Ascending will no longer hit theaters July 18 as originally planned, but will instead arrive on the big screen early next year on February 6, 2015. According to Deadline Hollywood, the delay is the result of the Wachowskis requiring more time to work on the visual effects for the film, which casts Mila Kunis as a young woman who discovers she’s destined for great, universe-changing things when she meets a a former soldier (played by Channing Tatum) charged with protecting her from all manner of galactic threats. The film is set in a far-flung future filled with wild set pieces spanning alien worlds and various other cosmic elements.

In its new release date, Jupiter Ascending is expected to go up against Johnny Depp’s action-comedy Mortdecai and the fantasy adventure Seventh Son, which stars Jeff Bridges and Game Of Thrones actor Kit Harrington.

Along with Kunis and Tatum, Jupiter Ascending also stars Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings) and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) in supporting roles. The film was written and directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski.

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