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NHL fan? Watch every game in the rest of the season in one place

Man watching NFL on Dish.

If you love watching live sports but live somewhere rural or someplace that doesn’t get solid internet coverage, then you know the frustration of trying to watch something like the NHL with a barely working connection. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of satellite streaming, and in this case, with Dish, which carries a ton of excellent sports channels. It even competes with services like YouTube TV, all without you having to rely on a solid internet connection to watch your favorite content.

Why you should subscribe to Dish

There are a lot of ways that Dish can help you get around the problems that come with streaming in a remote or rural location, and with its Dish satellite, you can enjoy a large range of content without having to worry about it cutting out. That’s especially useful if you want to watch the rest of the NHL season without having to feel like you’re watching a slideshow constantly, and if you subscribe today, you can even get free installation thrown in, which is usually worth around $199, although you might still need to purchase the satellite and receiver.

As for costs, if you want to watch the NHL and other sports, then you’re going to need Dish’s “America’s Top 200” subscription package, which includes the likes of MLB Network, NBA TV, and, equally importantly, NHL network so that you can stay up to date on all your sporting needs. The subscription also includes things like Hallmark and Turner Classic Movies, so you can also get a lot of other entertainment value from it as well. For an extra $10, you can grab the “America’s Top 250,” which includes over 290 channels such as Smithsonian, MTV Classic, and MGM+. And, if you’re at or over 55, Dish gives you the first rental movie of each month for free, which amounts to around $165 over the course of a 2-year period.

Moving from your regular internet to the more reliable satellite streaming will cost you a bit more in terms of upfront costs for the hardware, but in the long run, it will save you a ton of hassle that you would otherwise be dealing with if you stick to normal streaming. You can even get modern Dish receivers that work with 4K TVs, which is pretty excellent, and there’s still always the streaming option if you want to go that route for traveling.


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While everybody is focusing on the more traditional streaming services like Netflix, for a lot of people who live in rural areas, or that don't get great internet, that isn't really an option. Between slow loading times and watching at a low resolution to make up for it, it's almost not worth it to have a TV. That's where Dish comes in, a satellite streaming service that helps side-step the issue of terrible internet by providing you with a satellite dish and device that streams content directly to you without interruptions or low-quality images. It's even a pretty solid competitor to things like YouTube TV, so it's well worth checking out everything Dish has to offer.

Why you should subscribe to Dish
Having a good quality TV stream is especially important when you want to watch sports. Compared to TVs or Films that you can download from various streaming apps and watch later, sports are the most fun to watch live, and not being able to do that because of poor stream quality can be frustrating. Luckily, Dish has a lot of excellent sports coverage, including the NHL, NFL Playoffs, March Madness, the Superbowl, and a ton more, so you can have almost full coverage and viewing of a sport you can think of that's streamed live.

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With Dish, which works similar to a traditional cable provider -- and yes, you need exclusive equipment -- you gain access to hundreds of live broadcast channels, many of which air NBA games. You can watch early season games, the regular season, and even the playoffs all through Dish Network. Plus, you can also take advantage of Dish's new multi-view feature to watch several games at once, or stream from your mobile devices. Dig in, we'll explain it better.

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The best way to watch Panthers vs Packers

The Panthers vs Packers game is available on Fubo TV if you are a current subscribers. This service is the best one that we've sourced for the game due to its commitment to sports content, ability to cancel anytime, and ability to save content to their cloud server for later viewership. That means that if you get busy today around 1:00 (you know the neighbors are going to check in at some point), you can resume the game later without getting spoiled as to the end. This is a take it as it comes sort of day and Fubo TV is ready to accommodate you. There's a ton of other sports content available, including the NBA League Pass and MLB Big Innings among others, and you can sign up for a plan right now and get $20 off the first month. For the Premier Plan, which includes Showtime for after Christmast movie-viewing, that will be just $75, down from $95.

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