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HBO creates creepy AI concierge to answer all your 'Westworld' questions

HBO / John P. Johnson
In case you missed it, Westworld — the horrifying dystopian theme park bound to bring out the most deviant aspects of even its most morally pure patrons — is up and running on HBO. The show premiered Sunday and is already causing quite the stir.

While the show itself has generated most of the buzz, HBO’s marketing team has a couple of clever tricks up its sleeve to help sell the Westworld experience.

As reported by ScreenCrush, potential parkgoers can head over to and check out a sort of virtual travel brochure for the fictional theme park. The site offers four distinct sections (About | Experience | Explore | Stay), and features a rundown of the parks’ perks, an interactive map, and even a functional calendar you can use to book your stay (looks like rooms are only available on Sundays). If you tire of all that, you can chat with a “personal concierge” named Aeden, whom HBO created to answer all of your questions about the series and the site.

HBO created the bot in conjunction with rehabstudio, Digital Kitchen, and The Zoo. Here’s how it works:

Upon visiting the site, you’ll be asked for your email and birth date. Once your provide the former, you’ll receive the message below in your inbox.


If you’re deemed worthy of a profile, you’ll be provided with a personality assessment that you can fill out using the access code “WHITEHATEBLACKHAT.” Once you’ve done that, the next time you return to the site, Aeden will be there to answer your questions, calling you by name and tailoring his answers to your personality archetype.


If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming to you and you just want to … you know … watch the show, the inaugural episode of HBO’s newest drama is available for free here.

Stay tuned for Westworld-related news and updates.

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