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What’s new in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s More Fun Stuff Version

Spider-Man: No Way Home has swung back into theaters with the release of its extended cut, “The More Fun Stuff Version.” Featuring 11 minutes of extra content, this longer film is a treat for audiences who enjoyed the original superhero blockbuster.

Overall, the movie’s additional footage doesn’t add any crucial details to the plot, as it’s mainly bits of comedy sprinkled into the mix for the audience’s enjoyment. Despite that, “The More Fun Stuff Version” makes for a fun cinematic experience that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will want to see. For those considering seeing this new edition of the film, here’s a list of notable changes audiences will want to look out for in theaters. Obviously, the following contains spoilers, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know that, right?

Opening chat

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Magure behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Sony / Sony

Audiences are immediately presented with new content before this film even begins. Before the studio logos appear in the movie’s opening, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield show up on-screen in a Zoom recording to address the audience. Their conversation ends with Tom and Tobey telling Andrew they love him as a delayed reply to his character’s declaration of love in the film. Andrew even jokes that he had waited months for them to say it to him, making for a terrific moment for the three Web-Heads.

The awkward elevator ride

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In this brief moment, audiences see Peter and May riding an elevator up to Happy’s apartment with Norman, Otto, Max, and Flint. It’s not a particularly impactful scene, but it’s funny, nevertheless. The fact that all these strange and superpowered beings (plus Aunt May) wait in uncomfortable silence together makes them much more relatable, encapsulating the MCU’s comedic marriage between the peculiar and the mundane.

More Peter interactions

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Fans couldn’t get enough of all three Spider-Men interacting with each other on-screen in No Way Home. In the film’s longer cut, they are shown at the Statue of Liberty talking more about Tobey’s organic web-shooters work, with Andrew’s web-slinger saying that he wants to see the holes in the former’s arms. They also discuss all the fantastical events in their lives, such as fighting aliens, and how they consider them normal in their lives as superheroes.

Back to school

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Following the revelation that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, audiences see more of how that affects his life at school now that everyone sees him as a superpowered celebrity. For example, they all chant for him to climb up the walls in the school gym. Betty Brant also interviews Peter’s teachers and friends about him, with Flash and Mr. Harrington lying about their relationships with him and Betty having an awkward conversation with her ex-boyfriend, Ned. Betty even interviews Peter himself, asking a ridiculous question about what he would say to the spider who bit him.

Stopping a robbery

Tom Holland's Spider-man poses unmasked, preparing to fight the Green Goblin.
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Tom Holland’s younger brother, Harry, had appeared in the film as a robber in one scene that was removed from the original cut, and audiences now get to see how it played out. After Peter strings up the burglar with his web, Peter gets into a hilarious argument with a few bystanders who argue over whether or not he was old enough to fight crime and if he was in cahoots with the robber. After the criminal in question lies about working with Spider-Man, one of Mysterio’s fanatics throws green paint on the web-slinger as a form of protest.

The Monster Mash

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A new montage is included in the film that shows Peter, MJ, and Ned setting up their workspace in the Undercroft to search for more villains from other universes, with Ned hilariously making a mess of everything. This comedic scene plays to the sound of Monster Mash, which perfectly fits its strange and mystical setting. It is also made even more bizarre when MJ finds a model of the Sanctum Sanctorum with a tiny Doctor Strange moving around inside.

Happy and Daredevil

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Aside from the other Spider-Men and the film’s villains, one of the film’s beloved guest stars was Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil). He appeared early in the film defending Peter as his lawyer, but in the original film, he only had one scene. In the new version, Murdock is also seen with Happy Hogan talking to Damage Control. Though it appears Happy is in the clear regarding his connection to the Stark drone attack in London, he gets a video on his phone showing Peter and May entering his apartment with the villains they’re trying to cure. Of course, Happy gets sweaty as he’s dragged right back into the fire.

More damage control

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This film’s extended cut also features a longer version of Peter’s interrogation by Damage Control. Digging more into Peter’s past as Spider-Man, one of his interrogators asks him what he knows about “Night Monkey,” the fake persona Peter adopted while wearing his black suit in Far From Home. In the end, one Damage Control worker suggests that Peter’s greatest enemy is historical landmarks, which seems to be Marvel Studios making fun of itself over how they have all of Spidey’s greatest battles occur in places like the Washington Monument and the London Bridge. This is made even funnier when considering that the film’s explosive climax takes place at the Statue of Liberty. And speaking of which…

The new Statue of Liberty

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One notable change in the MCU came in the form of the giant replica of Captain America’s shield outfitted onto the Statue of Liberty. The new version of the film focuses more on this remodeling of the iconic landmark, with Midtown High even having students make their own models of what they think the statue should look like. This includes an unnerving shot of a student presenting his model of the statue as Mysterio, clearly showing that he’s another one of Quentin Beck’s zealous followers.

A second post-credits scene

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
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Fans have wondered precisely how Doctor Strange’s spell wipes all evidence and memory of Peter Parker’s existence, and the film’s new post-credits scene helps alleviate some of the confusion. The sequence involves Betty presenting a graduation video on the school news that looks back at all the fun times she and her friends had together in high school. But while Peter was present at these events, her photos show that he has either been removed or blocked from view, which shows in greater detail how Strange’s spell affected any traces of Peter ever existing.

It will take a while before audiences see how Spider-Man handles a world without Peter Parker, but for now, this new version of the film should help bridge the gap for waiting fans.

See Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version, now in theaters.

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