X-Men: First Class debuts a new trailer

It is somewhat easy to forget about the new X-Men movie coming this summer. Sandwiched in-between Thor and Captain America, both of which belong to The Avengers continuity, the prequel film from director Mathew Vaughn (Stardust, Kick-Ass) hasn’t received quite the PR blitz that its Marvel counterparts have—or its DC rival, Green Lantern, for that matter–although that should change in the next few weeks.

But of all the upcoming superhero films, few offer as unique a look at the subject material as X-Men: First Class. Set in the 1960’s during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the movie offers the origins of the original X-Men as they face off against The Hellfire Club, and perhaps the Commies.

The second full-length trailer below gives a bit more detail on the nature of Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Xavier’s (James McAvoy) relationship, and what the coming of the mutants means to the world. X-Men: First Class hits theaters on June 3.

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