YouTube stars as movie stars: YouTube to make full-length feature films this year

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YouTube has made a name for itself by steadfastly supporting the content creators that feed its platform, and once again, the streaming video giant is turning to its stars for its next big move. The video streaming giant recently announced five new partnerships, including one that will be responsible for making feature films this year.

Before you get too excited thinking maybe Martin Scorsese has taken his talents to the Internet, know that the movies will be made by established YouTube stars. The feature films are being made in a partnership with AwesomenessTV, which became a part of Dreamworks Animation last year.

“We work with amazing creators to make great short form content on YouTube every day,” said Brian Robbins, CEO and Founder AwesomenessTV. “We think the platform is really ready for long form, so now we will make movies that will star YouTubers and premiere on YouTube. We will turn YouTube stars into movie stars.”

Though it is unclear what these feature films will actually look like, it is clear YouTube personalities are going to be the stars, not Channing Tatum. YouTube is going to premiere the films worldwide before making them available on other platforms. It seems that all the films will be marketed in large part by the enormous following of the YouTube stars involved.

AwesomenessTV was purchased in 2013 for $33 million and has grown into one of the largest multichannel networks for emerging talent. It has more than 112 million subscribers and 77 million views, so it could be seen as a huge launching pad for YouTube stars.

YouTube also stated that it was partnering with the Fine Brothers, Prank vs. Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh — four of their top creators — in making brand new, original content. YouTube stated that it is looking to release its first film this fall, so we expect further announcements soon.