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Adidas and Monster announce two new pairs of headphones to energize your exercise

adidas monster sport supernova response performance by
Running and music go together like, well, pretty much any other physical activity and music — very well. Adidas and Monster have teamed up on sport-focused audio products before, but now they’re releasing two new pairs of in-ears aimed specifically at runners.

You might know the Adidas name from shoes, which shows that the company knows a thing or two about the needs of runners. The company has announced two new products: the Adidas Sport Supernova by Monster, and the Adidas Sport Response by Monster, and while they both sport the same branding, they take different approaches to what they offer runners.

The Supernova is the pricier, more advanced product. These offer noise isolation to help block out distractions and let the runner lose themselves in the music. This model features what Monster touts as Pure Monster Sound, which the company claims offers the “audio industry’s best and most advanced components, tuning techniques and methodologies” in order to “get runners in the zone to maximize their fitness efforts.” In other words: High quality, realistic sound is without noise is better than bad sound with noise when it comes to getting you in the groove … period.

The Response model, on the other hand, utilizes a non-isolation design to allow the runner to hear what is going around them, whether it’s the conversation of a passing stranger or an approaching vehicle. This model is referred to as “earbuds” by Adidas, while the Supernova model is labeled as “in-ear headphones.”

Both models feature a built-in mic and remote, Monster’s SportClip, and a sweat-proof design. No IPX rating is given, though Adidas says that both models are “battle-tested for the most rigorous workouts.”

There are no exercise tracking features like the Jabra Sport Coach we reported on last week, but both models are significantly cheaper here. The Adidas Sport Supernova by Monster will sell for $100, while the Adidas Sport Response by Monster sell for just $50.

There is no word on a specific date the products go on sale, but they will be available from the Monster website and at various retailers worldwide.

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