Watch Taylor Swift fall off a treadmill in her new Apple Music ad

She’s built an empire at the intersection of country and pop, but she’s also built a reputation as one of the world’s most lovably clumsy super stars. And that just may be Taylor Swift’s winning combination. In a new ad for Apple Music that has already garnered over seven million views since it was posted Friday, Taylor manages to win us over once again with her bad rapping, apparent distaste for cardio, and klutzy ways. Stars, they’re just like us!

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The April Fools’ Day ad was certainly funny enough to deserve its release date, and begins a laughably polished Swift preparing for her dreaded treadmill run in full makeup and perfectly coifed hair (side note: she claims this ad is “based on true events,” so it is entirely possible that this is just what Swift looks like whenever she exercises).

After picking a “Gymflow” playlist from Apple Music, Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman” begins to play, which of course catalyzes the emergence of Swift’s inner rap goddess. She’s rapping along, incorporating some of her signature dance moves, all while getting into her workout. It seems that everything is going well.

Until it’s really not.

While Swift has always used her supposedly awkward dance moves as a punch line, in this case, they really work. So enthralled is she by her imaginary appearance in a rap music video that she flies off the treadmill entirely, face-planting at the back of the machine. It’s unexpected, unbelievable, and totally amazing.

And of course, she keeps rapping after her tumble.

While Swift previously engaged in a very public fight with Apple Music over its refusal to pay artists during trial periods of the streaming service, it seems that there is no longer any bad blood between them. After all, the singer is now calling Apple Music “distractingly good,” so if this isn’t proof that we can all let bygones be bygones, I don’t know what is.

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