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Fender’s new online Mod Shop lets guitar players build their next custom axe

Fender, a famed pioneer of the electric guitar, is now allowing musicians to customize their instruments in more ways than ever before– or at least for a lower price point than they could via its coveted Custom Shop.

The company has launched the online Fender Mod Shop, a web-based studio that allows musicians to select, customize, and build on many of the luthier’s classic guitar platforms. The new internet marketplace comes in a world that is increasingly seeking customization when it comes to instruments and other technology.

The four most popular Fender models — the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, and P Bass — are the first to get the Mod Shop treatment, which may branch out to other instruments if the service proves popular.

“We are excited to launch the new fully customizable Fender Mod Shop, which is an organic next step in our continued commitment to accompany players on their musical journey,” said Fender CEO Andy Mooney. “The more comfortable you are with your guitar, the better you play. Mod Shop grants you the ability and convenience to create a factory-manufactured model truly tailored to your personal preferences.”

Modifications that players can select in the new store include color, pickups, pick guard material, fingerboard, hardware color and style, bridge, and left/right orientation. Once a particular instrument is ordered, the company assembles it at its Corona, California, factory, and ships them out within 30 days. Pretty slick stuff, considering that orders through the company’s Custom Shop can take months on end to hand complete.

Fender is the first major guitar maker to allow users to totally customize classic instruments online, though if this venture proves successful, makers like Gibson will likely follow suit.

With a price point of $1,650 to $1,800, base models coming out of the Mod Shop are also lighter on the wallet than their Custom Shop counterpart. Customers who wish to do so can also purchase a Mod Shop guitar in-store, via a licensed Fender dealer.

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