The Firefly wireless earbuds give you 2 hours of music for 10 minutes of charge

Now that you’re rid yourself of wires and tangles thanks to your wire-free earbuds, you’ve doubtless discovered a new nuisance with your headphones. Sure, they’re super portable and look pretty slick, but when they run out of battery, you have to recharge them and wait to get them back in action. But a new set of wireless headphones currently seeking funding on Kickstarter promises something different. Meet Firefly, a pair of earbuds that sport premium graphene sound, an ambient sound feature that actually allows some outside noise to come in to help you remain aware of your surroundings, 16 hours of playtime, and most importantly, fast charging capabilities.

So how fast is fast? As per the Firefly’s Kickstarter page, 10 minutes of charge time will give you up to two hours of playtime. Alternatively, if you leave your Firefly in its charging case for 30 minutes, you should get up to four hours of use.

The earbuds connect to your mobile device via a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, so you shouldn’t have to worry about a bad signal or losing your podcast or playlist halfway through. The range of these earbuds is claimed to be 33 feet, so even if you leave your phone at your desk, you should be able to keep your conversation going while you walk around the home office.

The Firefly also purports to be supremely comfortable — after all, if you have 16 hours of playtime, you’ll want to be sure that these are buds you’re willing to wear for 16 hours. As for sound quality, the Firefly apparently leverages graphene in order to build a sturdy nanomembrane that claims to be 100 times harder than steel, but at just a fraction of the weight. This is said to boost sound quality, enhancing the treble while isolating noise, and generally improving the listening experience.

Of course, it’s not just music or radio programs that you can have in your ear —  these headphones are compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant, and you can quickly access your A.I. assistants via a single tap.

The Firefly is designed to go with you in a wide range of activities, and has a waterproof rating of IPX5. As per the product’s Kickstarter page, the earbuds can actually stand up to the pressure of a gushing nozzle for three minutes.

Of course, you should always exercise caution when backing a crowdfunding campaign, but if you’re interested in the Firefly, a pledge of $59 should get you a pair by July 2018.

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