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LG doubles down on home audio with Music Flow and X-Boom updates at CES 2016

lg music flow x boom ces 2016 feature
With the gargantuan electronics exhibition that is CES right around the corner, companies are starting to give us glimpses of what they have in store for the next year, and it seems LG is focusing even more on home audio than it has in previous years. After all, what’s the point of a brand-new 4K Ultra HD TV if you can’t back it up with the sound it deserves?

While the company surely hasn’t tipped its hand entirely, LG has announced some updates coming to its various audio product lines. “The largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world is the perfect platform for debuting our newest sound bars and X-Boom audio systems,” LG Home Entertainment Company president and CEO Brian Kwon said.

First up, LG has announced three new sound bars coming to its Music Flow line of multiroom sound equipment, dubbed the SH6, SH7, and SH8. The SH6 is an all-in-one unit with dual bass ports for enhanced lows, while both the SH7 and SH8 come with an included wireless subwoofer, making them a better fit for larger home theater set-ups. As the model numbers hint, they all share a similar aesthetic, along with feature adaptive sound control, which changes sound settings based on the content you’re playing.


As part of LG’s Music Flow system, each of the sound bars also includes one-button setup to allow pairing with other Music Flow speakers via Wi-Fi. Each speaker also features Bluetooth connectivity and uses a new feature LG calls BT-Fi, which is designed to easily transition between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi depending on where the content is coming from. Each speaker also features Google Cast support for streaming from a wide variety of Chromecast supported apps. Hopefully the new models address the sync issues we encountered when we looked at the Music Flow system last month, which caused some trouble with surround sound and stereo pairing.

Music Flow isn’t the only of LG’s audio lines getting new models, as the company has also announced three new X-Boom products in the OM5560, OM7560, and OM9960. Referred to as “total entertainment solutions” by LG, each of these is meant to be the heart of a party, with the OM5560 and OM7560 being entirely self-contained units.

Each of the new X-Boom speakers features Sampler Creator, which allows users to record sounds on their smartphone that can then be used as part of the DJ’s digital soundboard. If that doesn’t sound like enough of a party, each new X-Boom model also includes the Party Thruster, which uses built-in multicolored lights to provide a visual accompaniment to the music, all synchronized to the beat.

All of these products are slated for the first half of 2016, and all of them will be featured at LG’s booth at CES 2016, which runs from January 6 to 9.

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