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Stream music straight from Twitter with Rhapsody’s audio cards

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Now Twitter users can share and listen to millions of songs while tweeting without ever leaving the Twitter-verse.

Rhapsody, the veteran music service which is looking to regain relevance, announced a partnership with Twitter today to bring 34 million full songs to the popular social media platform. Using the Rhapsody audio card on Twitter is as easy as tapping the Twitter icon on the Rhapsody client, adding a comment and sharing a full-length song to all of your Twitter followers.

Sharing songs via the Rhapsody audio card requires a Rhapsody account, but playing them on Twitter does not, allowing anyone on the social media platform to listen to new music from their favorite musicians and friends.

Rhapsody is the first fully-licensed music service to partner with Twitter, which had difficulty creating its own music platform. “Our goal with this launch is to not only help make streaming more social, but also to reinforce that music isn’t free — every song played is accounted for and fully paid up,” said Rhapsody International CFO Ethan Rudin in a statement.

However, if you happen to be reading this story on a PC or Mac, the audio cards won’t work for you — not yet anyway. After having some trouble with the new system, we contacted Rhapsody’s representatives who confirmed that “for now, the audio card integration works via mobile” only. No word yet as to when it will be adapted for web browsers.

Apart from that little obstacle, the new service is a win-win situation for the two platforms. In addition to Twitter now having the ability to legally stream full-length songs from within the site, Rhapsody gets the publicity of Twitter’s 288 million active users per month. The streaming service hopes that users will click through to the Rhapsody main page and consider using it over Spotify, Pandora, and countless other online music services. 

To draw up buzz for the new partnership’s launch today at SXSW, Wiz Khalifa, Pearl Jam, Flo Rida and other artists shared songs from their latest albums on Twitter using the Rhapsody audio card. The partnership is currently only available in the U.S, and again, only for mobile devices at present.

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