Sonos Play:1 Tone limited edition pairs minimalist style with tons of features

Earlier this year we saw the release of a limited edition version of the Sonos Play:1 speaker in celebration of Blue Note Records’ 75th anniversary. Now the company has announced another special edition of that same speaker, but this model adopts a different aesthetic.

A glance at the Play:1 Tone limited edition model is all it takes to see what it’s going for. Sonos products aren’t known for looking overly complicated in the first place, but this model takes that look to an entirely new level of minimalism.

The Play:1 Tone comes in what Sonos refers to as “absolute black” and “pristine white,” and both models offer a smooth matte finish. Not content with simply applying this look and feel to the speaker itself, Sonos has also applied it to the packaging, so you’ll know right away what awaits you inside.

“We want our products to reframe how people think about technology in the home. Part of we do that is by focusing on simple things with innate power,” Sonos VP of design Tad Toulis said. “This was our focus on Play:1 Tone. It’s a meditation on essentials.”

Inside, the same dual drivers that power the standard Play:1 are hard at work. In our review of the Play:1, we were impressed by the bass response and smooth upper register, though you’ll need to keep in mind that this is a mono speaker. The Play:1 Tone can be used on its own, in a stereo pair, as part of a multi-room system, or as a surround speaker, and offers built-in support for over 60 streaming services.

Sonos Speaker

The Play:1 Tone will be available exclusively from the Sonos website starting later this month on July 21. The price is $250, or $50 more than the standard Play:1 model.

Sonos has only produced 5,000 in each color variation and expects them to sell out quickly. If you want to make sure you get one, you can sign up on the Sonos website to get a reminder when the Play:1 Tone goes on sale.