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Spotify announces US launch, Facebook music dashboard around the corner?

spotify-usLast month we reported that Spotify’s US launch was just around the corner. Of course, we’d all been hearing as much for the better part of 2011, so some skepticism was warranted. But it turns out the rumors were spot on, and the music streaming service has officially announced that it’s moving stateside.

Unfortunately that’s all we knew. Spotify has merely announced it will become available to US consumers, but pricing details and a launch date have yet to be released. The only clue we’ve gotten this far is a tweet from director of product development, Michelle Kadir, who says “We’re working hard to launch the service in the US as soon as possible.”

While a Spotify launch is exciting as is, we can’t help but wonder if it will have something to do with the products Facebook mentioned would be introduced in the coming weeks and months. Earlier this morning when showing off the site’s new Video Calling and Chat features, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook would be releasing a slew of new products very soon. Could that music dashboard with integrated Spotify be one of them?

Our gut says yes. Zuckerberg talked about how Facebook would no longer focus on its user numbers, instead focusing on creating new applications and improving its technology. He also said that instead of doing this in-house, Facebook would look to companies that have mastered their respective platforms, and integrate their services instead of building their own. First Skype, next Spotify? The application is easily at the top of the music streaming game, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it woven into Facebook very soon.

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