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Subscribe to Spotify Premium and get a free Chromecast

If the promise of an ad-free listening experience isn’t enough to convince you to splurge on Spotify Premium, maybe this new offer will — on Wednesday, the music service announced a new promotion that gives subscribers a Chromecast for free when they sign up for three months of Spotify premium for just $29.97. That’s the total price, not the per month cost, and considering a Chromecast will set you back $35, you’re basically making money on this deal. Not too shabby.

As Spotify notes in its blog post about the giveaway, “Spotify on Chromecast was one of [users’] most requested features.” So to prove that the team really is listening, the London-based company is “making it even easier for you to enjoy listening at home.”

The deal runs from today, February 17, through Sunday, February 28, and is available only to users who have yet to try Premium. And if you’ve taken any free trials from Spotify, you’re out of luck — this freebie applies to true newbies only. 

The Chromecast, of course, isn’t just a random gift — rather, it will allow you to continue listening to your Spotify Premium service after you’ve plugged the device into your TV and connected it to your Wi-Fi network. From there, you’ll be able to “cast music directly from your phone or tablet,” regardless of whether you’re an Android, iOS, PC, or Mac user. And don’t worry — tablets are compatible as well.

You’ll have all the same functionality on the Chromecasted version of Spotify as you would with any other — you can play, skip, browse, and search from the Spotify app, and of course, you’ll also be able to make calls, watch a video, or play games as the music plays on in the background.

The offer is available only to customers in the U.S. and the U.K., and will last only as long as there are Chromecasts available. So head on over here if you’re an American user, or here if you’re a Brit, and get your free Chromecast now.

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