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Take a stroll down melody lane with Spotify’s new Your Time Capsule playlist

Feeling nostalgic? Spotify is hoping you do. The music streaming service has released a new playlist called Your Time Capsule that’s filled with your favorite songs from the past.

Personalized for each user, the Your Time Capsule playlist consists of dozens of songs Spotify thinks will send you on an aural trip down memory lane. You can find your personalized Your Time Capsule playlist at the top of the Home section on the mobile app. You can also find it by clicking on the Browse tab at the bottom of the app and clicking on “Decades” in the “Genre & Mood” section. If you use Spotify on desktop, you can easily get your nostalgia groove on by visiting

Spotify says the songs chosen for your playlist will be from “your teens and early 20s” and only users older than 16 can get a personalized Your Time Capsule playlist. Sorry, Generation Z, you have a little bit more living to do before Spotify will let you bask in the nostalgia of Justin Bieber’s Baby.

Spotify did not reveal how it chooses which songs from your past to include, but it’s not that hard to figure out. Part of the methodology probably involves the streaming giant looking at each user’s age, and subsequently filling the playlist with old songs with high play counts. My girlfriend’s Your Time Capsule playlist had Juicy by Notorious B.I.G., All Falls Down by Kanye West, and Changes by 2Pac in the first five songs. I can attest that those are three songs I have heard her stream on Spotify incessantly.

This is Spotify’s latest attempt at mining your past for playlists. In June, it debuted Your Summer Rewind, a personalized playlist that compiles users’ favorite and popular songs from the last few summers.

September has brought a number of changes to the most popular music streaming service in the world. Spotify began letting users share songs through Apple’s iMessenger. It also partnered with Hulu to allow students to bundle a Hulu and Spotify Premium subscription together for $5 per month.

The new Your Time Capsule playlist is available right now to users in most countries.

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