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Tiger Woods gets a new smile and a new headphone deal with Sol Republic

tiger woods new smile headphones sol republic golf
Tiger Woods has been having a rough go of it lately. After losing a tooth in a freak cameraman collision while watching girlfriend Lindsey Vonn streak down the slopes for another World Cup victory, Woods will make his return to the PGA tour this week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open … in Scottsdale.

But the infamous golfer does have some good news today, announcing a new partnership with Sol Republic headphones to go with his newly-installed pearly whites.

Sol Republic has gone from a relative unknown in the fast-paced world of urban headphones to a major player in just a few short years. Sol’s meteoric rise can be attributed in part to the unique design of its wares, which offer modular “sound engines” that slide along a near-indestructible, interchangeable headband system. But just like Beats, Sol’s notoriety also has a lot to do with who wears the brand.

Woods is not the first sports superstar to don Sol Republic gear. The company got a massive worldwide shoutout at the 2012 Olympics by none other than Michael Phelps, who now sports his Sol Republic headphones on the company’s website under the moniker “Savior of Sound.”

With Woods joining the family, Sol Republic now hosts two of the most recognizable faces on the planet, in or out of their respective sports. Tiger’s partnership with the brand is set to be a major facet, with plans to bring “exciting new audio products to market” down the road, presumably with his own, specially-tailored Tiger Woods models.

Speaking about the partnership in a press release, Woods said, “Music is a huge part of my life and my training; it inspires me to work harder, stay focused and get better every day. It’s exciting to find a brand that cares about music the way that I do, and I’m ready to work with SOL REPUBLIC on bringing that passion to life.”

As Beats found out long ago, headphone brands and athletes go hand-in-hand. For years, athletes wore under-endorsed headphone brands, dawning them simply to drown out the distractions around them, and show a little style. Beats has built a veritable empire around making those relationships more commercially viable, and Sol Republic appears to be following that brilliant formula to a T.

There’s no doubt Sol Republic makes some stylish, solid-sounding cans that look like nothing else on the market. Now, with Phelps and Woods in their camp, we’re guessing a lot more folks will get a first-hand taste of what Sol Republic has to offer.

We’ll be waiting patiently to check out the new Tiger Woods Sol Republic headphones for ourselves, so keep your eyes out. In the meantime, if you want to get a peak of the latest and greatest from the brand, tune in to the Golf Channel.

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