Vinyl mecca Discogs updates mobile app, makes collecting easier than ever

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Record collecting, which has exploded in the last few years, got a little easier earlier this year, when online vinyl reseller and database Discogs launched its first official mobile app in the first quarter of 2016. Well, things just got even better for mobile-using vinyl nerds everywhere: The app, which is currently be available for iOS and Android, has gotten a major update, allowing users even easier access to information on millions of records.

Discogs, which was founded in 2000 by Kevin Lewandowski, has over 250,000 users who have cataloged over 6 million releases from nearly 4 million artists. Sort of like a Wikipedia for records, all of the site’s information is entered by individual users. The site has exploded since its launch, becoming a comprehensive one-stop shop to search for album names, artist names, track listings, links to YouTube videos, and other facts for each release. As the site has grown, it has also become one of the main marketplaces for buying and selling vinyl records online, selling more than 12,000 music items each day, according to the Portland Business Journal.

The updated app now pulls in all of the Discogs database information associated with every artist or band, even allowing users to browse through labels and sublabels, band members, name variations, and aliases on their mobile device. In addition, artist pages can now be shared via integration with social media.

For those shopping for records in the real world and not just online, the app even offers a bar code scanner, allowing shoppers to easily access data as they sift through albums with a quick scan. Discogs’ mobile app also now allows users to see a particular release’s entire sales history, so they can have a good idea of what to pay for a given album.

For those who have already enjoyed the easy-to-use mobile functionality offered by the vinyl buying hub, these new additions to its mobile arsenal will be welcomed with open arms. Those wishing to learn more about the changes should check out the company’s website.

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Updated on 12-01-2016 by Parker Hall: Updated to discuss the application’s latest updates.